Thursday, January 28, 2010

Easy Potato Soup

Tonight we will be having a delicious "crockpot classic"
Easy Potato Soup
I found this recipe in a cookbook that offers crockpot meals for 5 ingredients or less called Fix It and Forget It. I have tried several recipes in this book and have either put an X by them if they were horrible or a star by them if they were worth cooking again. This meal only takes 4-5 hours so it is something that you can put on during your lunch break for a delicious warm meal when you get off work or before church Sunday morning so you don't have to eat-out for Sunday Lunch. My husband particularly LOVES this recipe and he is actually the one who put it on today since I work out of town. Here is the recipe.

1- 2lb bag of frozen hashbrown potatoes
3 c. Chicken Broth
salt and pepper (to your liking)

Put that all in a crockpot and stir well. Let that cook on high for 4 hours.
After the 4 hours of cooking, mash the potatoes up real well. Then add
2 c. Cheddar Cheese
3 c. milk

Stir well and allow that to cook for 45 minutes or until the cheese melts.
It is a great soup that will please anyone! :) We always add a jar of real bacon bits right before serving, makes it that much better! Hope you enjoy! :)


  1. I bought that book a while back after you told me about it on fb. I have tried that recipe, and it was kind of bland but I'll have to try it again and add the bacon.

  2. Add LOTS of salt and pepper. we have made it about 4 times and one time it was very bland but extra salt/pepper and even cheese helped!!