Friday, January 29, 2010


Here is my first project that I plan on completing. When I first saw this on Etsy, I just HAD to try it for Kaidi's room and for my laundry room and for Christmas time and for EVERYTHING!
How cute is that? Now if I can only make mine look that cute!
Last weekend, Gregg and I went around our new house and picked up any scrap wood that we could use. He is planning on building a shooting house and a dog house, all I wanted was little 3-6 inch 2x4's that I could do this cute project with. I now have a box full of "cut-offs" and we went to Wal-mart and I picked up some decoupage glue and now all I need is sandpaper and scrapbook paper. Maybe a little bit of tulle or ribbon and I should be good to go! Hope to get back with you in a few weeks with the finished project! :)


  1. Sooo cute! I can't wait to see yours!

  2. Cute, you are so talented so I know it will be beautiful.

  3. I can't wait to see your finished product.

  4. sooo cute! I am gonna have to try something like this, too!