Thursday, February 18, 2010

Easter Basket for Kaidi

I found this adorable Easter Basket idea for Miss Kaidi and I cannot wait to get started on it. I am going to go check out the Christian Service Center today to see if I can find a basket worthy of using. Anyway, here is the pic of the basket I found on the internet.
The price for this basket is $38.00 and I just KNOW that I can do it for WAY cheaper than that. I already have paint, so all I have to do is find a basket! Hope to upload some pics of it in a few weeks.


  1. I love this basket! Where did you find it on the internet? By the way, I have made your sausage pie about 5 times since you posted it on here. My husband loves it! I am so glad that you shared!

    I am glad you like the sausage stuff! I almost made it this morning. I did it one time in a round cake pan and it was really good b/c the crescent roll was actually thicker and so was the mixture.. it was yummy! :) I will probably do it that way from now own.

  3. love that basket. i made a basket for my daughter's first easter, and this year i've got to get my stuff out and make one for her baby brother to match! its fun making stuff isn't it!