Monday, May 3, 2010

K-A-I-D-I Letters

After starting on Kaidi's letters back in March I decided it was time I sit down and finish the last 2 letters. To make these letters, I bought some wooden cut out letters
from Hobby Lobby and then some scrapbook paper that I felt would match her room. I also bought some mod podge
and used it to stick the paper to the letters. I laid the wooden letter on the scrap book paper, traced around the letter with about a 1/4 inch margin and then cut it out. I then covered the letter with the mod podge
and stuck it on top of the paper. i tucked all the edges around it and gave it a top layer of mod podge (it dries clear) and let it dry and I am finished. I am not completely finished with this project because I still want to tack some ribbon to the back of the letters so that I can hang it on her wall. Here is a pic of the letters.

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  1. I love, love, love these! I want to do these in my son's room. You are so creative! Thanks so much for sharing!